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A Tamil Youth Leadership Conference

On July 27th, a Conference designed for Tamil youth between the ages 16 to 29 in the University of Toronto Scarborough will be held. Topics related to Tamil history, heritage, language and philosophy will be discussed. In addition, it will focus on Tamil Canadian identity with respect to its current reality and future steps. More details listed below.

Date: Sunday, July 27, 2008
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: University of Toronto @ Scarborough Campus
Arts & Administration Building, Room # AA112
1265 Military Trail
Toronto, ON,
M1C 1A4
press release-Ts_M_Jan_15_2007
To provide a forum where Tamil Canadian youth can explore, examine and learn about
their identity, history, roots and traditions
press release-Ts_M_Jan_15_2007
To convene and energize active youth in our community (Motivation)
press release-Ts_M_Jan_15_2007
To connect our youth activists and organizations to one another (Networking)
press release-Ts_M_Jan_15_2007
To create greater awareness about our language and history (Awareness)
press release-Ts_M_Jan_15_2007
To provide some examples of community mobilization (Tools)
press release-Ts_M_Jan_15_2007
To expose to positive role models (Exposure)
press release-Ts_M_Jan_15_2007
To share of lessons learnt: sharing best practices of what works and what has not
worked (Sharing)

Target: Tamil Canadian youth of ages 16 – 29 who are active in the community or want to be active in the community. We will only be able to accommodate 200 participants.

Will be announced shortly.

Workshop Topics:
Tamil Canadian Identity: What does being a Tamil Canadian mean to you?
Participants will have a fun-filled discussion lead by two facilitators about what it means to be a Tamil? What it means to be a Canadian? And of course, what it means to be a Tamil Canadian? We will discuss the role of language, race and nationalism in the construction of our identities.
State of Tamils and Tamil Language around the World
Participants will be able to find out more about where Tamil language was used in the past and is being used currently. The participants also will be able to get a sense of where the Tamil population is located in the world. The last part of the conversation will revolve around what needs to be done to keep the use of Tamil language alive.
Tamil Cinema: Boon or Curse?
Tamil Cinema has become a prominent influence on all of us. The impact has been both positive and negative. In this workshop, participants will explore the impact of cinema on us through examples from movies. The discussion also will focus on how to utilize movies as a tool for social change. The participants will also examine ways to use a “critical analysis lens” while watching a movie.
Equity: Role of Tamil Women in our Society
Tamil women have made tremendous progress in our society today. They have fought hard and broken many barriers. But in reality, many barriers still exist for women in the male dominated world. The participants of this workshop will explore ways to ensure that gender equity exists in our community. They will also discuss the changes that have taken place in Tamil Eelam.
Addressing Negative Portrayal of Tamil Canadian Youth
Tamil community has been portrayed in a negative manner in Canada through education institutions, justice system and media outlets. This workshop will discuss some examples of such negative portrayals in the past. The participants will also explore ways to foster a positive image of the Tamil Canadian community.
Remembering Silenced Voices – focus on contemporary situation (From 1983 to today)
The participants of this workshop will be discussing what took place during the 1983 riots. Then, the facilitators will take the participants through the civil war situation in the last 25 years. Finally, the group will talk about the contemporary situation and the role of youth in addressing the situation.
Learning Tamil: Getting through the first step
Many young people would like to learn writing and reading Tamil. The most difficult barrier is getting through the first step. This workshop will be an interactive hands-on way to get started in learning Tamil. The workshop facilitators will be using “Tamil as a Second Language (TSL)”.
Notable Leaders in the World Tamil Community: Getting to know more about them
This workshop will showcase a number of 20th and 21st century leaders within the international Tamil community. These leaders will be from various parts of the world including Tamil Nadu and Tamil Eelam. The participants will also be able to talk about what leadership means to them and who they admire as a leader.

You can register online now by visiting here. The registration fee is only $10 Canadian Tamil Congress and local donors have donated to make the fee affordable and nominal.

For More Info:
Contact us at info@blackjuly83.com or call (416) 240-0078.

Find us on facebook as well under event page for “In Search of Our Roots".

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